Friday, 1 July 2016

Work in Performance

As well as my work in sculpting and illustration, for a number of years I pursued the performing arts. This experience has been highly beneficial to my sculpting and illustration work as both these creative fields involve developing a physical and emotional life into a given character.

Here I am performing with the National Youth Theatre on the "Epic Stages" Summer course in London.  (I'm the one with the striped shirt.)

As a part of the 2015 Winter celebrations in Liverpool, I performed as Jack Frost, and with my fellow winter sprites in tow, we skipped up and down the town.

From the late 90's my Dad performed as an acrobat, juggler and magician in various circus' in Australia.  Because the rest of the family went traveling with him, we also found places to perform in the show.  

This is an image of a much younger me when I performed as a clown in Ashton's Circus in Australia.

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