Sunday, 10 July 2016

Miniature Painting

Here are a few miniatures which I have painted over the years.
You can find more information regarding my painting work on my miniature blog.

I painted this miniature diorama freehand, including the Albrecht Durer painting on the wall.

I painted and sculpted this diorama, (excluding the figures) in 2014.  It won a Silver Demon in the Duel Category at Golden Demon, a miniature painting competition held by Games Workshop.  The figures themselves stand around 15mm tall.

Goblin King 70mm/7cm - I sculpted elements of the base but not the figure.
This is one of my Golden Demon entrees from 2008.  I re-sculpting the cloak, tunic, hands and face.
I re-sculpted the head and hands for this figure which was entered into Golden Demon UK 2007.

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